Tuesday, 14 September 2021

Sorry it’s all be quiet on here

Worthing Volleyball Club has been working hard over the last 18 months focusing on it's junior club to great sucess. You can find out more on our FaceBook and Insta accounts along with photos of the end of season juniors beach party and tournament. At the start of September we have moved back indoors for training and are preparing for our first venture into the NL cup from our local league teams. we've put in two mens teams and a womens team. Once local leagues are up and running hopefully in November we'll be playing in these too!

Sunday, 4 October 2015

Sharks show promise with epic opening game!

The Sharks finally kicked off the 2015/16 season in the first week of October travelling to Brighton to face Brighton Freedom, one of the top teams in the league last year. Unlike last year were there was lots of scrambling to pull together six players, this year they went with a full complement of seven, ready and raring to go.

Lining up with Dominic & Eber through the middle, captain Tim setting, Mark opposite and Vlad and Kishan power hitting through the outside they started slowly in the first set. 13:17 down at the first time out they pulled it back to 23:23 on the back of quality serving from Mark & Vlad and won 27:25

Second set started with Jin in for Mark and was another slow start giving Freedom another head start 4:11 but again pulling back to 23:23 before losing 23:25

Third set was a better start with Mark back in, Eber connecting on a couple of quick sets and Vlad dumping behind the blocks. Sharks pulled out to 10:4 before the tables were turned as they got stuck on a couple of troublesome serve receives losing 20:25

Fourth set was with Jin again. This time serves were swapped backwards and forwards, but some great play including the longest rally of the match with great cover on both sides. Sharks pulled ahead in the final stages, Tim targeting the sidelines with his serves to win 25:20. 

Final set and again the Sharks were slow to start 6:1 down at the first time out. They pulled it back to 10:10 with Eber dominating the net but got stuck on a serve rotation again losing 11:15

Whatever the result, they managed to maintain a higher standard for longer and put together some great passages of play. Just need to be quicker out of the blocks.........

Monday, 28 September 2015

Another 5 setter for Demons - against Dolphins1 this time!

can we dig it? yes we can!

As you may now gather, it is an all too familiar site, the Demons playing a team who seem by default and record, much better on paper, but what we sometimes lack in winning, we gain momentum from, and deliver in true fighting spirit!

opening with a strong attacking 6, team talk and coaching had been focused on dominating the block, and winning on accuracy of serve. no doubt the training sessions had paid off, with an unquestionable high standard of defence in place. ( thanks Mark..) excellent coaching from Sandrine, and versatility from all the squad. several position changes meant options for tactical play could be tried out.

last season brought close matches between the Demons and the Dolphins, and this one was no exception.
matched for skill, and effort the demons took them to the fifth set, pulling back on several occasions to prove our worth, and narrowly missing out on the win.

the best is yet to come. bring it on!

MVP and bake off champion this week is Jojo who found and used the most awesome serve on the night!

p.s hope joey's knee gest better soon after her surgery; fantastic to have her supporting, along with the other Worthing players; cheers guys we appreciate your support!!!

and i will leave you with this..joke of the day;

The trouble with jogging is that by the time you realize you’re not in shape for it, it’s too far to walk back...



Titanic 5 setters between Demons and Pirates

first match of the season;

well here it was. the start of the new season, and pirates were looking pretty darn good in the warm up.

After some last minute coaching tips from Mark, and some cheeky comments from Mickey, I felt ready to coach the Demons, and get the match started!

With a fab debut from Aggi, and a sparkling return from mummy Dorothe, the team set out to play as the underdogs, and ready to take some whoop ass... but No, I say! we are winners, and if I am goddam well gonna look silly on the side of the court shouting like a crazed northern bird, then at least I want to do it triumphant in a first win of the season!!

and my girls, they only went and pulled it out the bag and smashed it!!!  Boom!  get in!

MVP and bake of winner of the week went to Rika!

an finally; joke of the day;

“I was playing chess with my friend, and he said, ‘Let’s make this more interesting.’  So we stopped playing chess.”
—Matt Kirshen


Tuesday, 11 August 2015

August update!

Ok - so I said the next monthly update would be September, but you are getting a bonus August email as well, you lucky things.  As always I've kept it short!

While the weather hasn't always been ideal, the hard-core beach regulars are still making the most of the sand courts on both a Tuesday (Worthing) and Wednesday (Sussex Volleyball Association).  If you haven't been yet then the 25th August is the day to try it - sun (hopefully), drinks, BBQ and an out of the hat competition….what more could you ask for. 

It was a fantastic turn out from Worthing at the SVA sand competition with Mexican Dream defending their title for the second time (a big thank you to Sandrine and Mark for "volunteering" and doing a great job organising it).  There has also been a strong presence at other tournaments with Damo, Paulina and Marco winning the triples, Worthing Baa Baa's winning Men's Div1 at Ashcome and a number of other teams/players from Worthing doing well!  There is already talk of entering teams into Bath and Sandbanks next year!

A quick reminder - this is the last month at the old monthly instalment rate and from 1st September local league fee's go up to £15 per month as agreed at the AGM.  You will need to advise your bank of the change or amend it yourself via on-line or telephone banking (by 31st August).  Richard will be monitoring the September bank statement closely, please make this transition easy for him by setting this up promptly.  This fee covers hall hire for games and training, courses for officials and coaches, curry and awards at the AGM, sand court hire, affiliation with Volleyball England and SVA,  player registration with SVA as well as equipment (balls, posts and nets etc.).  This still represents great value for money compared to other clubs and sports. 

Fixtures and the New Season
The coaches will be getting together in early September to sort out the teams to try and balance squad numbers and introduce new players.  If you are playing this season and can't make training in the first week of training (I know some people will be on holiday), can you let me or your coach know.  This will help us get the numbers and balance of the teams right for the season.

The fixtures coordinator has happily ensured we double headers for all our games, but if we need to rearrange any games as single headers, another team will be assigned to officiate.  Please work with your team secretaries to ensure your team provides enough officials and remember we must provide first and second ref's, two scorers and a minimum of 2 lines managed every match. To help it be another successful season we need everyone to take their turn officiating, please don't leave it to the same people each time.  If you aren't confidant in a role then speak to me and I can arrange for someone to coach you.  If anyone is interested in going on the new format one day officiating course then let me know.

Speaking of officiating - a reminder that the new net rule is being applied this year i.e. any net touch is a fault not just the white band at the top.

Key dates
Beach Competition and BBQ - August 25th
All Standing orders for local league should be amended to £15 - 31st August
Local League indoor training starts - 1st September
Local League games start 13th September

Please keep an eye on our web site and Facebook page/group for additional information, match reports and pictures.  Don't be shy….get involved, send any photo's, match reports and news to Andy or Dan to go on the website or post to the Facebook group! 

If you aren't a member yet, then the SVA have their own private Facebook Group, which they are using to share more information.


Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Worthing Ladies NVL AGM Awards

After an awesome season that saw our ladies crowned champions of NVL Div2 South it was time for some awards at last night's AGM.

- Chantelle picked up Player of the season.
- Dan picked up some beers and a new "Coach" hoodie.
- The team picked up individual league winners medals and the championship trophy.
- The great support the team have received was recognised with some "super fan" awards!

An awesome season and well done to all players, coach, session coach and supporters!

More Awards

Some more pictures from the AGM and this time it is a selection of the fun awards thanks to Dan.

- Andrew Crockett picked up the STIG award for his driving skills.
- Emma picked up the "Strop of the Year" award.
- Trees managed to steal Mark's "how to make friends and influence people" trophy or was it the "I don't like your face" award!
- Longest Rally went to Smack.
- Yours truly picked up Jurno of the year!
- Sabrina won the "cabbage" award.
- Sylvia picked up "coach" of the year!
- Sintija won a special "commitment" award along with a new disguise!
- Vlad picked up a special "Yorkie" award and "no Damo you cannot have any as they are for men only" (burn!)!!!!!
- Highlight of the evening was the I wish I was Matt Lay award.........and the winner is........